Willkommen - Zur Familie Nefzger
Our search for the history of the Nefzger/Neftzger family leads us to the small village of Großlellenfeld (Municipality of Arberg, District of Ansbach, Mittelfranken (Frankonia)), Bavaria, Germany.  Great great great grandfather Joannes Leonhard and his wife Catharina Maag Nefzger lived in this small village at Großlellenfeld No. 49.  The dwelling at No 49 was a combination house and mill. To this peasant family was born great great grandfather Joannes Michael Nefzger.  He may have been named after his godfather Joannes Michael Seiz and godmother Walburga Seiz who lived in the neighboring village of Filchenhard, Germany. The dwelling at No. 49 no longer exists but No. 50 still stands today.

No further information is known about Joannes Michael Nefzger until he emigrated to the United States of America on the ship Draper from the port of Bremen, Germany.  He arrived in the United States at the port of Baltimore on August 2, 1837 at the age of 24.  He settled in the village of Smithland, Kentucky.  During the period of his emigration, the spelling of his name was some how changed to Neftzger.  There were possibly other family members who came to settle here, namely Xavier Nefzger on June 13, 1853 at the age of 31.  The Neftzger family moved across the river to New Liberty, Illinois, where Michael Neftzger and wife Catherine Neftzger and children became pillars of this bustling community.  The Neftzger family burial plot is located in New Liberty, Illinois, a town now only a faded dream in history.

Great great grandfather Michael Nefzger was born August 28, 1813, in Großlellenfeld (Municipality of Arberg, District Of Ansbach, Mittelfranken (Frankonia)), Bavaria, Germany and died March 9, 1881, in New Liberty, Illinois.  He married my great, great grandmother Katherine Praver who was born February 23, 1817, in Heinebach, Germany and died February 2, 1880, in New Liberty, Illinois.

Great grandfather, Henry Franklin Neftzger was born, June 12, 1851 in Smithland, Kentucky, and died December 8, 1903 in New Liberty, Illinois.  He married Virginia Hight in 1873 but she died in 1874 during child birth.  He married Cannie McCawley in 1876 but she died in 1880 of tuberculosis.  He then married my great grandmother Virginia Anne Stewart who was born  April 9, 1859, in New Liberty, Illinois and died July 20, 1929 in Hamletsburg, Illinois.  Henry Franklin and Virginia Anne were married on July 20, 1881, in New Liberty, Illinois.
Children of Henry and Cannie Neftzger
Children of Henry and Virginia Neftzger
Maude Lucy
d. 07/03/1968
Michael Millard
b. 03/15/1880
d. 09/02/1928
Harmon Franklin
b. 04/20/1882
d. 02/22/1967
Jesse L.
b. 09/09/1885
d. 04/14/1951
George Tyra
d. 10/01/1968
Walter Emmett
b. 01/04/1889
d. 06/15/1962
Lavonia Louella
b. 08/1891
d. 10/10/1982
Flora Belle
b. 07/14/1894
d. 04/01/1979
Henry William
b. 12/06/1883
d. 04/24/1885

Henry Franklin Neftzger
Original Painting 1882
Neftzger Family Pictures